Application won't open with data on android phone

Hello, I have created an App on which the user can upload images, all good and done, but while testing(installed .apk) on my phone and closing the app, The application won't open again unless I clear the data in the app! Can someone please help! Thank you.

Note: Then I use the app again and then clear all images within the application and the app opens normal!

Are you upset? you reply with anger! This is a new topic!

There is no anger.

You need to provide much more information about your app so that others can help you.

Read the "How to ask a question" post, it helps to explain what you need to provide.

to find out what happens, use logcat


Hello. Do I have to ask for permission to store the images? I had no idea that I may have to do such.

unfortunately we do not know, because you forgot, that


I was very naive!
Is all good now, I did add the permission and the App works as indented! Thank you!

This can be close now!