Application to manage customers (PhoneCall issue)

Hi everyone I have created an application for my pizzeria and I would like to add the telephone function I explain to you I have a customer list with name, telephone number and address the idea is when the customer calls the application he looks for the number on the customer list and if he finds it he enters the address on a texbox and at the same time I answer the phone to take the order thanks for the help

What have YOU tried ?

I manage to make the incoming number appear but when I answer the call the application closes

:cry: you did not provide example Blocks that would help someone help you debug.

Did you read and follow the PhoneCall documentation?

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Where are you using:

IncomingCallAnswered(phoneNumber) is the event indicating that an incoming phone call is answered. phoneNumber is the incoming call phone number.

It captures the incoming phone number.

PhoneCallEnded(status,phoneNumber) This is the event indicating that a phone call has ended. The status can be any of:

  • 1: Incoming call was missed or rejected
  • 2: Incoming call was answered and hung up
  • 3: Outgoing call was hung up.

You should be able to use this to return to the main part of your app

When you use the PhoneCall component, you open a the default phone app. When you finish talking, perhaps you need code here to return to your main app.

You do not appear to be doing this in your app.

Thanks can I have an example? thank you


If you want something else to happen, you should code the behavior. Doing this does not crash the app; the app returns gracefully when the caller hangs up.