Application Exercise (build an sms messaging app using a List and ListPicker)

Hello everyone, I was doing application exercises and I couldn't do this exercise, may you please help?

Write an app that will allow the user to pick a person set in a predefined family/ friends list using a ListPicker. Also, provide a TimePicker that will allow the user to select a time. Provide a “send” button that will send the person selected a text message that says, “Hi, I just want to let you know that I will be home at hh:mm” (where hh is the hour and mm are the minutes). Challenge: Refine the app to allow the user to pick just one person or all people in the List. Challenge 2: Refine the app to allow the user to put in a custom method that will override the default message. If no custom message is used, keep the default message above.

Hello Jan - welcome to the forum.

Start by drawing the App GUI on paper. Make mini projects to test your ideas for each part of the App.

Welcome Jan.

Sounds like homework. Glad to provide advice to help you do the exercise.

Doing this is relatively simple with one exception, sending the sms message. This is currently broken on the main server. To send the text message automatically one has to use the test server, Runtime Error: Targeting S+ (version 31 and above) requires that one flag of FLAG_IMMUTABLE be specified[...] - #17 by ewpatton

You need :

Do you know how these components work? Sajal's tutorial List Blocks On App Inventor | Imagnity and Programming Lists of Data will provide a lot of help.

What have you tried Jan?

I know how to create lists but I don't know how to do it with listpicker and I don't know how to use timepicker especially for this exercise. I couldn't do anything because I'm just a beginner :cry: . I can't understand what should I do. I tried to try something but it was ridiculous so I wanted to get support from here. I looked at the links you sent, but they still didn't help. I guess I couldn't do it because I didn't have an same example. Please help me Steve :pray:

Make a tiny test project with a List Picker component. Experiment with the Blocks - you will find it is very similar to a List View.

When selecting a Block from the palette, as your mouse hovers, a help/tip pops up. If required, from there you can click to the full help page about that Block.

You need to help yourself Jan. You did not show what you tried :cry:

We are. :slight_smile:

Follow Chris' advice. Make your List of 'family'.
Then experiment with the ListPicker;
Then **** with the ...

Here is a ListPicker possibility. There are several ways to build the app you are assigned to create.

Can you build this? It creates a ListOfPairs to provide the information the Texting component requires regarding phone number. Now you need to get the Time to include in the message, experiment...