Application activity time management

for my application I approach, time management.
from what I read on various sites and on forums.
I ask myself the following questions, I have some answers, but I would like to be sure before I start:
1 ° can my application start alone at a scheduled time?
2 ° can it go to sleep on its own (ex 5 min after starting)?
3 ° get back into action at a specific time?

this is so that the disabled person is not tempted to play with the application during class time.
Thanks for reading.

  1. You would need a third party app like Tasker for this
  2. Yes, even if user is using it...use a clock timer and get the startup time and monitor until 5 minutes
  3. Hmmm, either use third party app again or if app "asleep" but in foreground - use timer (uses battery)

thank you for quick response, it is true that the battery is very solid, I will think about another way maybe?