application access to notifications via bluetooth

Hi, I am extremely new to creating android apps and I need your help I want to create an app that has access to my mobile notifications and send them via bluetooth connection, pretty much like any smarwatch app that has access to notifications, contacts, calls, etc.
I have been working with NotiDuino it works for me but I have two big problems:

  1. i want to send notification information like contact or notification content, may be who sent me a whatsapp and its content or who called me.
  2. when I exit the application it disconnects completely.

I am connecting to a raspberry pi, I have connection and medinate the bluetooth terminal I have connection.

I appreciate any help or guidance to develop it.

you might be interested in the notification listener extension


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I have tried to give access to the notifications and I have not been able to in any way, I have recreated the example and the option of access to the notifications does not appear, I have started from scratch the example to download it and it does not appear either.
I have tried to start all the examples I have found and none has given me access to notifications.
I am using a samsung s10+ android 12.
I'm stuck on that, this extension is exactly what I need, but it's not working for me.
I don't know if this line is correct: appinventor.ai_taifunbaer.alarmmanager,
but I have followed step by step and no example has worked loading it or starting it from scratch, any advice would be of great help.

How? Did you try the example project of the notification listener extension? You will have to build the app and test using the apk file


See also


Now I understand, what you are talking about
This is a filter to listen only for specific package names, see also the documentation

Just leave it empty to listen to all notifications