Appkey differs after update

I had created and published an app using Appinventor sometime in 2017.Now updated it and wanted to role out an update in google play console.When i upload the updated .apk file, it says, appkey differs.What do I do?

You must use the same keystore that you used for the first version released on the Play Store.

thanks for the reply. I simply open the project in appinventor, updated it, then click on build… get .apk file.that s it. i did not do anything with appkey when i uploaded the app in 2017.

Are you using the same account (Gmail)?

yes iam using the same gmail account

If you are using the same account and have NOT uploaded another keystore to your account, there should be no problems.

yes. right. i might be wrong… this might be a stupid question…but the appkey signing was introduced even before 2017 right?

The keystore is assigned to your account and will never be changed automatically.

the app i created few months ago… again using appinventor… i was able to update it with out any issues… its those 2017 apps that iam not able to . i googled and no solution… so thats why i came to the forum,

If the keystore has been overwritten or deleted, it cannot be restored in any way.

So again, are you absolutely sure

  • that you are using the same account and
  • that you have not imported another / new keystore before?

These are the only reasons why there could be problems with the keystore.

Did you backup your keystore?

NO. i did not back up anything.!!!
say my project name is counter.aia. i create a counter_copy.aia . then work on counter.aia for the update. will this in anyway do something to my keystore?

No, the aia has nothing to do with the keystore.

Anche a me è capitata una cosa simile anni fa; in pratica bisogna fare attenzione di aggiornare l’APK sul Play Store con lo stesso nome di quello caricato nel 2017 in questo caso. Altrimenti il sistema vedrà che si tratta di una APK nuovo e quindi di conseguenza app key sarà ovviamente differrente.

@Nicola_Imperati But then there is no error message:


So now… there is no other way but to create a new app?

As a last option, you can ask Google to assign you a new keystore.

how do i do that?