Appinventor videoplayer

How to play a video of my tareta, with the appinventor videoplayer, is this possible?
or you could with: documento Extensiones de App Inventor

what is your “tareta”?
how to use the videoplayer see the tutorials, for example the videowall tutorial


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thanks, I am controlling a bluetooth application which must play a video that selects from the 5 that are in the memory, I am looking for the correct method to do it, I already tried with ativity and it works but I do not know the activity to put the player in stop and when I switch to another video follow the previous activity, the cul consumes

I followed many tutorials guiding me through the track that “Taifun” gave me in the end download the 5 videos and at this moment I can control the reproduction of them …

NOTE: it would be good if the videoplayer can play any video from the files, like any playback application …

did you find a video, the videoplayer was unable to play? which format did it have?