Appinventor or Android Studio

I've got not bad level in app inventor, but to be honest, if you were to create an app for production level, instead of development, would Android Studio (meaning Kotlin or Java) be the better option?
What I'm considering:

  • advertising (so if it says powered by app inventor)
  • how to use (so I have to learn java or kotlin from scratch)
  • is it easy to learn?
  • which one is more practically
  • functionality (range of features)

Both platforms are useful for production, it all depends on the structure and organisation you give to things, of course in Android Studio you have more control than in AI2, but it takes more time, with AI2 you don't have to worry about updating SDK or libraries, you save time in designs, long codes, etc.

It has its advantages as well as its disadvantages (which are quite few), it all depends on how you feel and how capable you feel, and what kind of project you are going to do; if you feel something is missing, you can create the extension yourself, that has expanded the possibilities of AI2 a lot, making it quite flexible.

The limit is your imagination and logic!

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this might be a great question to ask ChatGPT...
as you are asking this question in an App Inventor community, the opinions here might be biased...

PS: use App Inventor...

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