Appinventor only stores strings into Firebase database

Hi folks
I've tried to make an app that stores booleans, numbers and strings into a firebase database, but apparently it seems that whatever I store, it stores it as a string, whether it's the boolean from logic: "true", or the number from math "3", and the text string "17:33" itself, will all be saved as strings in the firebase database
I hope to be able to save it as something else than a string,

Any help would be appreciated

Mostly helpful from string to boolean.

Use the web component....

Hello again Timai!
I appreciate your reply, do you perhaps have a way of specifically switching specific datatypes with the web component? I saw through a lot of the videos, but couldn't quite catch when he was transforming data into booleans in the firebase database.

Use text block for strings
Use maths block for numbers
Use logic block for boolean

Hi, this is how it looks
and this is the value inside the database
So as you can see, it has turned into a string, (because of the quotation marks seen in the database), what I'm asking is, how to let it keep its original datatype?

As I said, use the web component....



and for numbers



It happens that way because generally when storing data, whether TinyDB or Firebase, App Inventor would turn it into JSON.

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