Appinventor often is busy.are there offline appinventor?

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If the appinventor does the save by clicking the button, the speed will go higher. Automatic saving lowers speed.

See here:


Hello and thanks. I have installed the offline AI2 but will give the following message when Build app save .Apk to my computer.i connect internet. Please help me.

Did you start the build server? See the instructions…

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hi thanks thanks

please explain to me about" start the build server"
i want open .aia file but show below error:
up message(error) what means?

Sorry, I do not use that server... Probably someone else knows, where the problem is...
Please ask questions about the offline server here AI2Offline / Discussion / General Discussion


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Looks like there might be a space after the word Crossword and before the .aia in the filename of the project you're trying to import.

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Also, you may want to try accessing online version via the following URL and see if it behaves any differently:

The servers are never really “busy”. They’re dynamically spun up/down based on average usage with the goal of keeping response times for a given request below 500 ms, so as people log in during the day more servers are allocated and at night they are released. Typically if you’re seeing this error often it’s due to some sort of man-in-the-middle system, either a firewall or filtering service set up by an ISP/corperation/government that interferes with normal App Inventor operation. The URL above goes over HTTPS and so may be less impacted by the existence of such tools on your network path to Google.

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hi thanks. i have a question: when i save my project in my computer offline AI2 (see below):

this error show:

i connect to internet and enter my account to appinventor.

There is no need for an Internet connection.
Are you able to create any APK (e.g. for a project with only 1 label or button)?

hi hanks
i dont able to create any APK.

Did you start the build server?

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See here:!searchin/mitappinventortest/environment$20variable|sort:date/mitappinventortest/fUJNhywxIkI/OoSXIgNjAgAJ

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hi thanks very

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