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In order not to be forgotten (overlooked) later, here are some current Kodular bugs that I discovered rather accidentally. I won't list all other (older bugs) here (especially since I've lost the overview after a long absence from Kodular).

Screenshot component:

Sound component:


Thanks @Anke. We will keep these in mind as the PRs come in to the open source repo.

My understanding on the Sound bug was that it was actually due to an issue in MediaUtil and not the Sound component itself, and that the bug is not present in the App Inventor version of that class.

Thanks @Anke, I was already planning to open a public topic to track all this issues when we start with more complex components, but we can already use this one. I think it may be interesting to keep the topic public, in case someone else notices anything else, to track everything on a centralized place and avoid duplicated topics/posts.

That's right. I've already gone through this bug, and confirmed it was not present in this detailed explanation: Updated Android Sound component with changes from Kodular-Creator. by lizlooney Β· Pull Request #2838 Β· mit-cml/appinventor-sources Β· GitHub.

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You're welcome to make it public.

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I've also recently discovered a permission bug when testing. The companions of all devices were updated to 1.5B.3 for testing.

When you call the Screen1. AskForPermission block and the user denies the error through the permission dialog, the next time you call the same error, the 908 error appears (again). Tested with the coarse location permission.

blocks (21)

Tested with three of my emulators. This bug occurs on the following devices. (I somehow couldn't download the companion on Android 8.1, probably due to connection issues)

  • Companion: 11, 13

In the following devices, the permissions dialog doesn't even appear; the 908 error immediately occurs the first time when the user opened the app and clicked the button.

  • APK: 8.1, 11, 13