AppInventor got glitched (using mobile device for development)

Guys, my AppInventor UI has Glitched.

The Menu (I don't know what it is called.) has glitched. See the image below (I've provided an arrow too).

See, the menu got stuck in the top left corner.

Please give me a solution, cuz I need the Duplicate Option.

Please help.

This always happens on mobile devices, and I have experienced the same thing. You should build your app on a computer, not on a mobile device.

His PC does not work, that is why he is using mobile.

I don't have my PC in a working state anymore...

Not always cuz it didn't happen yesterday.
But I'll try the Use Desktop Site then.

Thanks for explaining my problem to him. :smiley:

You are welcome!

App Inventor works best on a PC. This is a downside of using a mobile device, because it has a hard time showing the context menu.


Did I argue with you? :thinking:

I'm using a desktop site but still it didn't work, see.

Could it be due to slow internet speed at my place ? :sweat_smile:

No, you have to use a PC.

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I wish I had one. :cry:

So what is wrong with your PC Shubham? You say it's not in a working state anymore but that could be anything. The beauty of Windows PCs is that they are repairable, especially desktop PCs. Is it a hardware issue or is the PC just very slow because the hard drive is full?

K-Man, disrespectful behaviour is not permitted on this Forum. Your 'warning' in your User details is also unwelcome.


It is, but I'm not getting chances to get it fixed.

The option has come back. So what can we conclude the reason to be ?

Is it slow internet or occasional glitches in mobile phones ? Or any other possible reason ?

Well, it just isn't intended for use on a phone. How are you performing right-mouse clicks and things?

Tap hold works as right mouse click as I noticed, double click works as zoom option, and single click works as the left click.

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