Appinventor for IPHONE

Hello, when do you believe we can use appinventor as a solid app for Iphone too, not only in test mode?
one day, one month, one year, or never...?
Thank you very much!
Bests regards

It will happen one day but when that is is not sure yet. :wink: It is a lot of work for such a small developer team as App Inventor has.


Thank's Peter, I'll wait, meanwhile, any converter?

Don't know what you mean. Maybe use an android emulator but have never tried that before.

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Thanks Peter

With all the understanding that the team is small and this is a very big project, the launch date has been postponed every year (postponed for more than 5 years if I am not mistaken), not to mention that we have not received an update to the Companion for almost a year (the public version has not been updated for more than a year).
So I really have already given up on the dream of building apps for iOS with App inventor😔

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There are two parts to App Inventor iOS support. The first part is the companion, which is available in the App Store. We understand it has problems and we are working on addressing those. The second item is the build capability, which unfortunately has been on the back burner due to other higher priority projects (read: projects that pay the bills). We are anticipating doing a significant update to the iOS companion this summer. I have also been working on updating the iOS build server but do not yet have a good sense of when the next update for that will come.