AppInventor Extensions License

I'm using some free extensions from the puravidaapps website. I'm not sure what's the license for using these licenses. I see that the website has a CC BY SA license, but I'm not sure if this license applies to the extensions as well.

In some cases it does apply :slight_smile:

Hello Rod

When you download an extension, the extension developer will have stated the license terms on that download page (it's only linked from Taifun's Library if it is not an extension by Taifun). If the extension is free, there may not be any form of license mentioned.

It would be courteous in all cases to credit the extensions you have used on a Credits Screen of your App. Don't forget Media authors/suppliers too.

But Creative Commons is not normaly used as a software license, it it more used for documents, pictures, videos, etc.

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Yes, that is what I want to do in a "credits" screen. I wasn't sure about the license. If it is CC By-SA, I would be forced to distribute my app with the same license. But as you said, I could not find any information about license in the developer's web. I guess it's just fine to give credit to the author of the extension

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All of the MIT authored extensions are provided under the Apache 2.0 Software License, which is the same license used for the App Inventor sources.


That's what I was looking for, thanks

Evan means the extensions specifically written by MIT (BLE etc).