Appinventor Extension - SoundAnalysis extension update issue


I'm trying to use "SoundAnalysis"(Unsupported) Extension from here: MIT App Inventor Extensions
(Thanks Mouhamadou Oumar Sall for the extension)

While I managed to make it work, I think that the code in it "TarsosDSP" is not updated (the extension is based on Version 2.2 from 2015)
in "TarsosDSP" there's a newer version 2.5 - here - GitHub - JorenSix/TarsosDSP: A Real-Time Audio Processing Framework in Java

How can I implement the newer code into the extension ?

Thanks !

The source code for the extension is here

You could fork the extension code and update and re-build the extension to a latest version ?

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You can try this

Thanks !
Which revision is implemented there ?


The thing is that I don't know gow to "fork" and "Re-Build"
this is the exact reason i use AppInventor...

I believe 2.5