AppInventor Blockly Playground


I was just wondering if there was a version of the Blockly Playground specifically for AppInventor. I find it really useful when working on new Blockly features!

If not, I’ve got most of one working already. I was just wondering if there was one pre-built.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @BeksOmega. Glad to see you joining us :smile:.

There isn’t really an equivalent of the Blockly playground for App Inventor. There is a testing framework for the blocks editor but it doesn’t have much of a UI. The closest thing we have is the super dev mode support added by @pavi2410. If you’d like to make it so that your effort also integrates into that feature, that’d be great.

Awesome, thank you for the reply!

Both of those options are officially on my list of things to look into o7 Super dev mode sounds awesome I’m excited to check it out hehe


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