Appending data to a saved file not working

Good day everyone.. Please i am working on an attendance app that will store data (append) , have been trying to append some data to a file which i have created on my Documents, it is not appending, rather it only shows the first stored data, and no matter the data i stored, its not adding new data to the file.. here is my block,, I need help on what to do please.

Looks like every time the sign in button is pressed, a new file is created...

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Yes everytime the button is press it create a file but if the file exist. It should append a new data to the already file (which is not working).. so how do a append a new data to an existing file..

You need to select the file that you want to append data to...

Maybe you want to remove the timestamp from the filename? not adding a new timestamp every time the button is clicked.

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