Append each item from list to firebase

Hello guys,

i am trying to add items in list to firebase,
for example: 3 items in list are added to firebase
and following details in firebase are shown
after that i save another item to list and i wanna add it to firebase with another filename (localtime)
suposed what i get was only 1 item
but turns out 3 items are shown. id 1 is the latest item from list and id 2 and 3 are the previous readings i added to firebase.

anyone knows how can i remove those extra ids ?

these are the blocks:


Where are the blocks for the other two items ?
Will you be using the data back in an app (the app) or in a different way? (This is about either doing things the AI2 way with lists or the Firebase way with key:value’s)

You can save the whole of global unformatted list as a list to one key (filename.txt/global id) if you prefer…


thank you for your reply.

basically what i am doing is connecting my arduino sensors with app inventor using BLE
what i want this app to do is read the readings from the connnected device,
once the readings are displayed in the label1 (for example),
an upload button will be clicked to upload the readings to the firebase.

what my problem was the readings arent save correctly in the firebase,
for example, at first i obtained 3 datas from the connected device,
then i uploaded to the firebase at that time (which is the filename.txt)
(the firebase will have 3 ids)
then i obtained another data from the connected device and upload to firebase again,
(suppose under that filename.txt (since i clicked upload button) should have only 1 id in firebase, but what i got was 3 ids, id 1 was the new data i uploaded, id 2 and 3 are the data i uploaded previously)
i dont know how should i fix this problem.

all the readings from connected device will be save in stringRecord variable.
i used unformattedList to split the readings with spaces.

“You can save the whole of global unformatted list as a list to one key (filename.txt/global id) if you prefer…”
sorry i dont quite understand, could u show me how could i achieve this??

thank you.

Does it have to be firebase ? Your dataset lends itself to storage on google sheets…and this would make storage, retrieval and querying a bit easier.

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