Appathon Themes 2021

It is necessary to create a 3 APP's for the participation in Appathon? Or we have to choice a one Theme?

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You choose one theme for your app and during the submission process you will need to indicate which theme you chose.

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Dear @ewpatton,

Dear Peter,

  1. It is necessary a submission 3 app's (one for a theme)?
  2. How to make for de submission? Exist a link?
  3. The App's it is necessary in english ? I am Brazilian, and my team too.


No. You only submit a single app for a chosen theme. You cannot submit multiple apps.

I'm not sure what is being asked here. Could you please clarify what you're asking?

It's not necessary to have the app in English. You may also have your video in your native language as well. However, for the video you should include English subtitles for the judges. Some of the apps that won last year were not apps in English.

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Perhaps: Pick a single theme. Submit a single team app.

The Appathon announcement does not tell participants where to send their aia Project and video. There isn't a link provided.

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can I use text only for explanation of the video (not speaking)?

Yes, you're welcome to use text overlays rather than audio for describing the content in the video.

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Okay thanks sir

sir my project uses more javascript because i'm in love with js, so is it allowed?

javascript certainly is allowed in your Project. Have fun. :slight_smile:

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Thank you :star_struck:
I don't know why I fell in love with JavaScript :heart_eyes:

I've participated in the Hackathon last year too. Can I use the Same app (or the idea) or do I have to make a new different one?

App Information

No you cannot.

Apps should be submitted as exported projects, and should be the original works of the team members. Apps submitted as APKs will be rejected without review. The projects should not have previously been submitted for any other app competition, including App of the Month. Apps should have been made during the period of July 18-31 based on the theme(s) to be announced on July 18. Judges will import your projects into App Inventor to evaluate and test them. If we need a login to use your app, please use the corresponding fields in the final submission form to provide login details for the judges.

Certainly you can use the same concept or idea as long as it 'fits' in one of the three themes for Appathon 2021. You do need to code a new app during the Appathon time frame.

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When will we receive instructions on how to prepare your submissions ?

You should receive the email with the submission link roughly 72 hours prior to the close of the competition.

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Tomorrow we receive an email?

Update: After a meeting this morning we have decided that emails should go out later today. I'll post an announcement once the emails have gone out and we will update the website with an announcement as well.

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Thank you sir

sir did the office hour session happened today ? as I didn't got any link