Appathon Certificates

Hello everyone,
Happy to participate in Appathon 2021. Got a very good experience and lot of knowledge .
Any idea when will the winners and participants get certificate from MIT



Yes, of course it was very great learning. Thanks for the MIT team for providing this amazing opportunity for learning through eppathan 2021.

I also didn't receive the certificate and mean time I have also mailed to the team, waiting for the response, since by the end of this week certificates were expected to be released.

Any update on this Sir @ewpatton


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I didn't receive the certificate too(first place of People's Choise, aldult track). I hold a sharing session this morning, and I need the certificate to show in my presentation. I need the statistics of this competition too.

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@ewpatton will probably reply later. Please be patient.

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It sounds good, thanks :+1:

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We are resolving a few issues with the certificates and then we will be sending them out.


Thanks @ewpatton for the update.

Thank you. Awaiting

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Received the certificate this morning(Beijing time),thanks!


Thanks @ewpatton, today I received the certificate.

What is "Honorable Mentions" ?


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Received Mixed Track Third place Certificate . Super excited !
Thank you :+1:

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Congratulation for achievement, @DigitCodemy, @jcjzhl and all the participants.


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see here


Thanks @Taifun, but I had done my home work (Google) before I asked.

I just wanted to know context specific answer, because single word can have some different meaning according to its placement.

More or less meaning remains to be same.



Definitions from Oxford Languages · Learn more

hon·or·a·ble men·tion

/ˈänər(ə)bəl,ˈänrəbəl ˈmen(t)SHən/


plural noun: honorable mentions

  1. a commendation given to a candidate in an examination or competition who is not awarded a prize.

"the project received an honorable mention in the 1991 awards"


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Thank you @Taifun

When judging apps, judges were allowed to mark any app they reviewed as a potential honorable mention. If two or more judges elected for the honorable mention designation, and the app didn't place / wasn't a finalist, then it was given the honorable mention designation on the result page. For example, judges might think an app idea was really novel but that the execution wasn't quite there, so they might mark it honorable mention, or maybe the app execution was great but they weren't quite sure of the applicability.

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This is magnified view of 'honorable mention' in Appathon context.
Thanks @ewpatton


Will the winners People's Choice Awards receive another award in addition to the Certificate?


Yeah, Of course they will get.