App works in phone preview but doesn't with the compiled APK

This seen here is the entirety of my app, is the same function over and over, because is just something that I needed for tomorrow, had to be simple and I know nothing on programming.
So why does this screenshot features two of the same functions? Because the first one does not work but the second one does.

In a nutshell I just need that when I press a button a certain media file is played on a loop until I press the button again, to distinguish when is not on and when it has been played I made it so it changes color, also because when the program is connected to a machine you are not supposed to hear it, is made so that it triggers certain functions in a machine like old telephone modems.

But to make sure is working now I need to hear the sound it makes but again, first one works second one does not even.
IN PREVIEW mode, it works, everything works, but on the same phone as an APK it does not, tested on another phone and it does not work. I exported it 3 more times and it does not work.

Can you send the project aia?
The blocks look fine but maybe the problem is something else

Show all relevant blocks (Player.Source, Player.Loop …), how many Players …

There are 45 players, one for each audio file, in the end I made it work by using instead of FLAC, WAV.
Which also meant that from 8 mb the program became 40 Mb, hopefully I won’t need to touch/modify this app anymore but I still wonder the cause of this bug.

Unfortunately I cannot share the AIA file as it is part of an unpatented machine and my boss is so paranoid that we cannot even use an online repository/spreadsheet to share data.

It's a bad idea if you don't want everyone to play at the same time and that shouldn't make sense. So just use one player and adjust the source ... show your blocks ...

What exactly is your intention, what should the app do?

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Thanks for the replies so far anyway.

you don’t want everyone to play at the same time
The color function is to make it so you can stop them without an extra button and see which one has been played but is not playing
So just use one player and adjust the source
I have 45 files, I don't know how to use a single player that will be called upon for 45 different buttons connected to 45 sounds.
what should the app do?
Imagine a soundboard, except only the machine attached can hear them, using FLAC files.