App won't load despite being empty

AppCajeme_1.aia (1.0 MB)
No matter how basic and barebones my app is, once I try and open it the app crashes immediately on startup. I've removed all extensions, custom fonts and reduced image count to a minimum yet it won't load.

Is this happening in the companion app or after you compile it? Are you on Android or iOS?

After compiling, I'm on Android

I believe it is one or several of the following issues:

  • Check each label and button font selection, ensure it is set to default (not por defecto)
  • Set the PrimaryColour in Theming to default
  • Remove the table arrangement
  • Set the buttons shape to default (not rounded)
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I removed the table arrangement, but the app whitescreens on run after build.
AppCajeme_1.aia (1.0 MB)

These are the reason..

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AppCajeme_3.aia (1.0 MB)