App won't be shown in app permissions using NotificationListener

Hello, I'm not being able to find my app in the "Notification Permission" menu on my phone.
I have a Galaxy S8 with Android 9, your example app works perfectly but when I try using your extension in my app it won't be shown in the list and the service doesn't start. I share here the png of blocks

what happens, if you try the example app downloadable from here


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I've solved the problem, while replicating the code I forgot to insert a TinyDB command, by inserting it my app is now showing in the list. Thanks still for your reply!

@Taifun Sorry for bothering again.
System works, but I now need to understand something : is there a way to convert json notification into Text of appinventor? because I need to work on TEXT string and not json string..

I'm having the same problem as that of @AvengerScarlet. I am on a Oneplus Nord CEm and the companion is not in the notification permission list. Even with the exact code as in your example project.

From the documentation

Note: You will have to build the app to be able to receive the notifications.


Thank you. I should have thought of that!