App with sliding interface, access to content, in-app payments

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  1. I have a question for you, is it possible to make applications in the App inventory where you can move the screen up or down?

  2. Is there an add-on where, for example, content in the program is made available after 7 am?

  3. Has anyone created an app with subscription or payment, if so, how is the circle? It's about additions in the app's inventory,

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Are you talking about scroll-ability, I yes then in the Screen component check the Scrollable property.

In the Screen1 use this blocks-

See here-


Thank you for your comprehensive answer. Can you show me how to do it with this scrolling?

As for this content, is it possible that, for example, someone would start using my application and each day a different content, but this content would appear after the previous day's tasks were completed?

Can I make some background background add other components?
(drop-down menu>
(icon config>
(input Login>
(input Password>
(button - Log in>


Thanks You :smiley: Scrollablem, apps is active.

Thanks You

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