App with multiple Webviewers, isolated from each other?


I would like to create an app, with multiple webviewers (if necessary each on it's own screen), that would be isolated from each other (meaning each webviewer would not "see" cookies and other login info from anothers). My goal is to view my Facebook , Gmail, Strava and other websites, without each website knowing, that other is connected to same user (me). I tried to do this, having more webviewers on same or on more screens and each "sees" the other when I checked with same website (for example Facebook) - when I login in Facebook on one webviewer, I am logged in on others as well.

Thank you in advance.

Hello Lukas

I think your own experiments show that each WebView Component is an 'instance', so they are related to each other. Also, you are identified by your internet connection (IP address in the case of WiFi). The only way around this that I can think of would be to have more than one full browser on your device, from different sources. This is easy to do on a PC (Chrome, FireFox and Opera for example) but full browsers on a smartphone take-up a lot of memory......