App very slow and crashing

Dear friends,

I hope you can help me out with my app. It has been published on Google Play but it seems very slow to load and I have gotten a response from a user saying the app crashed. Since it is a promotional application, I would not want this to happen to other users and would like to fix it as ssoon as possible. I am doing this pro bono, but would definitely not want to make a mess of it.

The application uses just 2 screens, but does use many layout components and buttons (mostly showing and hiding other buttons and containing links to websites).

I have published the app in the App Gallery and would be most grateful if you could take the time to see what I need to change.

Thank you!

Reduce the size / dimension of your images:


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Eventually, you could use 2 different images, one for little screens and another for large screens.

Thank you!