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I’m going to send my app to my friends “no google play” but i’m going to update it every week, so I need a way to help them update it without redownloading the app, like self-update.

any ideas, please? btw I’m new to mit app inventor <3 ur help would be appreciated a lot.

There is a long answer and a short answer to this.

If you are only updating “content” then you can do this from within the app, and call down the new content from an online resource (e.g. csv data) using a weekly clock timer event, when the user has the app open.

If you are updating the “structure” of the app itself, which requires an install of a new version, then you could notify your users, in app, that a new version is available, but they would have to download it and install (outside of the app)

Others may have more…

I don’t want them to re-download the app, i just want the app to update once i modify the app.

I have added some buttons which are not working yet because i don’t have what i need to make them working such as a youtube link which is not yet created.

What do u mean by structure and content? ur answers and help are really appreciated <3

Such as a game, for example, Pubg game, sometimes there is a new weapon added so the game requires an update which is within the game itself, u get my point?

Since i’m not a member in google play then i must find a way to update my app online.

Unless you set your app up so that any changes (e.g. enable a button) can be made with the download of data (content) - for example if variable = x then set button enabled, your users will have to download a new version of the app and install it.

i got an idea: i’ll make a button in the first screen called " Check for update" when they click it they go to a download link which has the new app (updated) and i’ll make a label in the same screen (in app) for the version of the app.

so if the version number of the app in the link is bigger than the version number in the app, they download it but…

my new questions are :
1- is there is a way to make the button check by itself if the version number (in app) is equal/bigger than the version number (in the download link)?

so if it’s equal they get a message " the app is updated" if not it open the link.

2- is it possible that they can install the new app (updated) without uninstall the old app then install the new one and every new thing i changed would change (content/structure) ?

  1. You can use a clock timer to activate a check, the app will have to be open for this to work.
  2. Yes, you may have to leave some things like the version number and code inside the app the same in order to update the existing app.

However, there are many variables and different approaches you can take for all this, what you must consider is to ensure that any user data is preserved if updating the app

  1. Can u please tell me how ?

i’ll upload the file on “” named “xxxx1” and when i update the app i’ll delete the older version then the newer version will be " xxxx2".

Another method if you use a google sheet:

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