App to send message automatically when I can't reply

Good morning, I tried to make an app that I found online, but it doesn't work and I can't understand why.
Now the more I look at it and try to understand what's wrong, the more I can't find the solution.
I'll try to post the blocks to you, basically the application should ensure that if I receive a phone call and I can't answer, it sends me an automatic message to the calling number where it says that I'll call back later

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What you can do with with the Texting

What you can do with the PhoneCall component

You possibly could use the PhoneCallEnded(status,phoneNumber)
Event indicating that a phone call has ended. The status can be any of:

  • 1: Incoming call was missed or rejected
    and you might be able to start a Text (SMS) message that way.

Here is an example of something similar but for Texting No Texting While Driving
This is an older tutorial that needs to be modified to use the SendMessageDirect option and you will need to use the Companion version 2.70u. You need the ' u ' version.

Ok thank you solved

Please provide a screenshot of your solution to help others with the same question in future