App to append data to google sheet with image and GPS coordinates


I would like to have custom data to be entered in text fields and also to have GPS coordinates and facility to upload a picture taken.

i have followed the code from one of the power user wherein GPS coordinates and Image are getting uploaded but i couldn't add text filed data.

Please guide.

HouseholdSurvey1_1.aia (36.9 KB) google script.txt (2.1 KB)

I presume you mean this effort ?

You seem to have mixed up two different scripts into one, which may be causing some of the problem. replace your existing script with this:

google_script_revised.txt (1.7 KB)

and remember:

1 Open the script project
2 Go to Publish
3 Deploy as Web App
4 Project version: - select New from the dropdown
5 Execute the app as: your google account address (email)
6 Who has access to the app: Anyone, even anonymous
7 Press the Update button

You have to do this EVERY TIME you change your script

Let us know how you get on...

yeah i was using the same code of your in the link sent, but i want few textfield - text boxes to enter custom data - how to do that.

the code given uploads gps and image, has no option to add custom data.


Just add more to your posttext and more e.parameters and variables to your script.

i have done the same, as you can see in the attachments in my post, somewhere i have done mistake. for checking i have done only two fields data(though i have four fields in app screen).

Please help

Have you republished your web app after changes ?

yeah, i have done, but surprisingly the new columns didn't add up

Are you getting the success message or the error message on return ?

its success message only, there were some variable name mismatch, i have corrected and published it again. but even then same problem. i think script code is having some error. can you please go through the script file once.

HouseholdSurvey1_1(1).aia (36.9 KB)

google script.txt (2.1 KB)

The script file you sent still contains the addUser functions. did you remove these as I suggested, with the revised script file?

my mistake, now i have tried the revised one and also corrected the spelling mistake of variable names,

BUT problem persists, textbox data not showing up.

google_script_revised.txt (1.7 KB)

In your script:

var name1 = e.parameters.name1[0];
var hno1 = e.parameters.hno1[0];

in your blocks


Have you fixed this ?

and did you republish your script again?

corrected the variable names and republished and tried again. Yep same issue.

google_script_revised.txt (1.7 KB)

Success, Thanks a ton

Good news and well done :slight_smile:

as the old saying goes:

Can you share the code please

First link here:

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