App tester needed for my new app Document Scanner

Demo photo

Why made this app

In fact I made this Document Scanner for test my new extension OpenCV, which is still under developping. This app used one of the main function WrapPerspective. The extension will be released recently.

How the app works?

  1. on first run, it will download a sdk and load it. For first time only.
  2. load an image
  3. App will try to find the edge of the document. If it's not accurate, you need to adjust manually .
  4. cut the edge and get a birdseye view.
  5. make the photo black and white.
  6. Save to Gallery.

App download link :

document_scanner.csv (4.2 MB)
remember to change the extension to apk then install.

How to feedback

Pls post your working photo or error message photo, your location (country), your mobile phone brand, Android version, other message that you think may help.


I used other extensions:
@Anke DownloadToAsd
@Taifun Tools and Files
Thanks for your work.


App runs on Xiaomi MI 9 Android 11
some documents are saved in portrait format in landscape format.

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Thanks for your time /feedback.

This is an bug, the original document in image need to be in (almost) portrait format. I need to add a button/function of rotation image.

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Expansion already finished ?

Sorry what do you mean? This project is temporary stopped.