App stopped working

A week ago my app was working but now it isn't. When I open the app on my phone it doesn't show my horizontal arrangement and it sends this error message: " RuntimeError. Irritants: (The operation >= cannot accept the arguments: , [nothing], [100] Bad arguments to >=)
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds."

Here is my app:

Image is not with good quality/readability, you may share the aia to examine.

I found and circled the place where your error occurs.

The global variable score somehow got assigned a blank instead of a number, so it failed the comparison.

I don't see any place in your code where score could get assigned a blank.

Usually that happens when variables are loaded from TinyDB and the wrong default is used.

Unfortunately, I don't see code for that.

This is a mystery.

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

What did you change in the past week Maya? The error message probably is because you added an arrangement or feature to the Project that is not working properly yet in the ios version. Remove that change an your app will probably start working again. :slight_smile:

Does your Project work OK if you test it on a real Android device?

galaxy_explorer (1).aia (1.3 MB)

The project worked okay on the AI2 emulator, in the Companion.

There was some interplay between the quit/replay Notifier and the timers that should have been stopped at end of game, but there was no case of score being set to anything other than a number.

When does this message appear? Did you get this message with the posted aia?
Post a screenshot.
Which device and iOS version?

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No issues on a iPhone 6s, iOS 15.7.