App signing,How to sign an apk made in mit using the keystore exported from mit app inventor?

how to sign an app with the mit keystore?

there is no need to do this, see also Uploading Your Apps to Google Play


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Is the app already signed?

Can I publish my apps in stores other than play store :question:

@Taifun @stevejg

Did you read the article taifun showed you. Everything is explained there.

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Yeah,but Can I upload it in stores other than play store &

How to sign apk without play console

List from Wikepedia of app distribution platforms. These ‘stores’ have different requirements. Contact them directly for their terms and conditions. Most of them probably will accept App Inventor 2 apps. If uncertain, visit the store and ask them.

Sign apk.??.. Do you mean create a keystore? Have you read this. ?

App Inventor creates its own keystore file. You can Import one…see warning; you can export one and delete the existing keystore. Please read the link for more information. That is, follow Taifun’s suggestion.

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THANKS :blush: