App rating difference on play store via App or web


has also someone else the issue that the App get ratings which I can see within the console and at the PC via browser in the play store, but the ratings do not show up in the play store APP.??
I did clear the cache of the APP already, but no change.

Any idea why this could happen.?

Thank your all

If you are interesed, you can check this out, looking for FnSbazar in the play store (de).

Thank you

How many ratings do you see in the Play Developer Console?
Probably less than 5.

:slight_smile: Yes, 2
Is this the reason that they don't show up in the APP.? Or does the App also need a minimum qty of installations.?
Thank you again and have a nice evening.
Regards from Stuttgart

Yes, if there are fewer than five ratings, they will not be displayed in the Play Store yet.


Btw, a note on spelling: :wink:
"das Finden"


Gruß aus Münster

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