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This is an app template, not an app, or, not intentionally being an app. I do not expect to be an app with a million APK downloads.

I do not want to focus on user interface, graphics and design in this app, what this app emphasizes is the APIs and get requests it uses.

This application is a template for what you can do with App Inventor. It generates random images of cats, dogs or foxes, to the user's selection, and the app shows the image. What's more, the application does not only show the random animal, it also tells what animal it is.

You might be thinking - why can the user select multiple (or even all) checkboxes, not just one? Well, if you checked 'fox' and 'dog', the app will randomly decide whether to show a dog or to show a cat, but it will never show a cat in this instance. If you checked 'dog' only, it will only show images of dogs.

I tested with the application, and there is no guarantee that the images are correctly rotated. You can extend the template to allow the user to rotate the image.

We will not overload the app assets, instead, we will use API get requests. We use three APIs, for dogs, cats and foxes. They can all be found in this directory.

This works better in the APK instead of the companion, and works better in the companion instead of the aiStarter emulator.

Copy the template by downloading the AIA file and importing into your account.


  • The app icon duck-profile.jpg is a watermark of AICODE.

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This template is open source. You can extend the template.

AIA: RandomAnimal.aia (12.5 KB)

APK: Google Drive.

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