App poses a threat

After building an app I scaned the QR code, downloaded and installed the app on my phone. A warning message saying that my app posed a threat. Please see attachment.


Oh no, you have either a Huawie or Xiami phone or another brand with an AVG or Avast virus checker . These are famous for providing false positive virus identification.

Read about it here Problem with evo-gen virus

what I get using AVG


until I uninstalled AVG and used a different checker and all is fine.


Hi Henry

You can upload your App to the test lab page of the AntiVirus Software provider. There are links on my website.

They will test your App (free of charge) and, as is very very likely the case, find their software is giving a false positive.The software will be fixed, ready for all devices affected to be updated. The fix is usually quick, the distribution depends on the device manufacturers - unless of course it is software you have installed yourself. A word of warning there - it’s a bad idea to have more than one AV installed because they can each decide the other is malicious. Links to Anti-Virus Report Forms

thanks a lot