App not getting location sensor updates on new phone

I've been building some apps that work together. They work as intended on old phone(Moto g7, Android 9).
Had to get a new phone( Moto g power, Android 10).
Apps run and appear fine but no location change event seems to fire.

Setup test project:
Location sensor
Set Map to show user and the location sensor.
Location Sensor enabled.
Sensor location change event: join lat, long and put in textbox.

Runs but nothing happens after letting it go for few minutes.
5 apps good on old phone but not on new. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I think Android 10 is not supported yet. Try to use the beta link and see if that makes a difference.

Also, don't use this for final exporting as it is testing and may be unstable.

Thanks, I'll check it out.

I went beta and recreated test project. I did add status change event handler for sensor. It was the same issue with no activity from location sensor. Also the map user marker never appeared on map. Thanks again.