App Never Executes GotText Block

I can make the requests using postman and a browser. So the url works fine. But I can neve get the response in the app inventor. The GotText block never gets called which is just weird. Here is a screenshot. The notifier in the GotText block never gets called. None of them.

This is an example how to work with opentdb

I get no result on do it. I followed the example you posted. The list is empty.

Could you post your url ?

Your GotText event ignores responseContent, which is where the data gets returned to you.

I even used the example she gave. I think this is something to do with companion.

Your blocks clearly says, you are no where connected the response content anywhere init, that's why you didn't get output but you might have get 1st notifier alert or second as empty list

Sorry, didn't get either of them. I just put the first one to test if the block even executes and I got nothing

Working properly for me..

As a eg I have separated the category items from the API into list

I hope you should save the dictionary value for the key *results into the new dictionary global variable

For me works great but in your blocks as mentioned above you dont't use anywhere get response content