App monetization Ad colony help

I have created an app from mit app inventor
And have integrated adcolony through

But ad colony gives some warnings which are attached below help/suggestions will be appreciated

PS. I have used zero code feature on (preroll ads and banners)

Follow the links that are shown to you and read them.

Didn't really understood
I don't think so it is any helpful with app inventor

These are those links by the way

Other links lead here:


i am really need help with my adcolony ads
i use mit app inventor and dont't know how to make blocks ni my apps about :
1- write/read external storage premission
2- vibrates premission
3- keep screen on
this is my issue please help i depend on you .
this is some screenshot about issue in adcolony that i need help with it

i solve the error and if someone can solve this one

@amr_matouk I moved your thread ...
you might want to ask the extension author about how to solve these problems...
btw. which extension are you using? any link?


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i use it from