App isn't working

i am making an app where you can read a book, and to flip pages of the book, you use a list
picker. i have several different books you can choose from on my app. i did the blocks for my first book, and everything worked properly. i did the similar thing on my next book, but when i tested my app, the elements in the list picker would not show up. i cannot figure out what i did wrong. please help! these are the blocks for the book that is not working:
Screenshot 2022-03-25 at 6.09.07 PM
Screenshot 2022-03-25 at 6.08.50 PM

Can't immediately see a reason why this will not work.

Are you switching screens correctly, you could have some sort of memory issue ?

you have two screens....when you switch to another screen, whatever list is in the first screen is not transfered to the other one, you can not access a list that exists in the first screen from the second.....check if this is the problem, then you may circumvent it by just storing the list in the internal memory while in the first screen and then you get it from the internal memory, when you move to the second have to make one TinyDB in each screen with the same name

Hello Monica

Your screenshot of your Blocks only shows the images and pages for one book, so we can't see what might be wrong with your code.

Note also that you do not need more than one Screen to display a collection of books. You might like to have a List Picker on Screen1 for the User to select a book, then display the chosen book on Screen2 - Screen2 will be the host for any book chosen, given that the User will only be reading one book at a time.

You might like to store a record in TinyDb that will open the selected book on the most recent page displayed when the User next launches your App.

You already have a lot of images for one book, so if you are storing them inside the App as media, you won't be able to store many books before hitting the Project size limit. Consider storing them in the App Specific Directory instead, and loading them on demand. You might need to do that with the text as well.

my app is working now. thanks for anyone who helped!

please explain how you solved the issue
this can help others with the same problems in future
thank you


i am not sure what was wrong with my app, but i just deleted the whole screen and redid everything. everything worked properly then