App is working on smartphone, not on tablet

app is working on my smartphone but not on my tablet. The background image does not cover the display and the buttons on the right sidebar are not visible. see the attachments

I have an Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5neo and an Android Xelio tablet

Any hint is welcome, thanx in advance

Hello opowoj

You should position and size the components using % values. If you use pixels for everything, clearly the GUI will only ever fit devices of the exact same size and pixel resolution.

Note also that on Screen01 (= master screen) , “Sizing” should be set to “Responsive”.

See my hints and tips:

Hello Chris, Thank you so much for your reply. I certainly need some time to get through your tips. If I stuck again, I will give another help call.

Hello Chris,
your two hints above solved all my problems so far… Thanx again