Отчего app inventor часто перезагружается?

отчего app inventor часто перезагружается?

why does the inventor app often reboot?

Do you mean the App Inventor Browser-Based IDE or the Android Device based Companion?

They are not designed to reboot frequently so perhaps something is happening on your side - an interruption by an aggressive anti-virus program for example, or loss of broadband band width. If the concern is the IDE, use Firefox or Chrome.

Я имею в виду IDE на основе браузера App Inventor, Я ИСПОЛЬЗУЮ CHROME

I mean App Inventor browser-based IDE, I USE CHROME

OK, the IDE certainly shouldn’t be rebooting and Chrome is a stable platform that works well with App Inventor.

Can you screen capture what happens?

скажем так я работаю над кодом, пример :upside_down_face:
и чрез какое то время получаю :

Hi again S_A

  1. So, as I understand it, you are working on a Project and then App Inventor suddenly switches to your list of Projects?

  2. Or do you mean that, before, when you launched App Inventor, your current Project was displayed, but now your list of Projects is displayed and you have to select from the list - if this is what you mean, it’s the new default behaviour of App Inventor and safeguards from the IDE continuously trying to load a Project that for one reason or another is corrupted and will never load…

Да 1-пункт происходить.

Yes 1-point to occur

I think it will be difficult for us to reproduce this issue. If you can capture it happening in a screen video that could help.

I have assigned this Topic to MIT.

постараюсь спасибо!

Я нашел причину, это из за использовании PROXY сервера оказывается, спасибо за отклик! У меня очень медленно загружается APP Inventor, поэтому я использовал Proxy сервер.