App Inventor Whitelist problem

Hi everyone, I am trying to make use of the whitelist feature of app inventor.
Following the document : How to build App Inventor from the MIT sources
create whitelist at
/appengine/build/war/WEB-INF/whitelist within which has certain gmail address are supposed allow to access the app inventor page
and configure 'property name="use.whitelist" value="true" '
in /appengine/build/war/WEB-INF/appengine-web.xml
however, when I click the 'Click here to use your google account to login' in the default login page:

it display following page with those gamil account which is allow to access app inventor has listed in the whitelist:

but when press 'Allow' button to allow either one to go afterwards, display following error messages:

what is the problem? is there any configuration missing or any mistakes has made?
Please help provide any input or advise, thanks a lot!