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Good morning dears,

The url is not working...
thanks a lot

Why are you using that?

Use the main server ( or the code server ( ) for your projects

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Thanks a lot TIMAI2... this link was on the MIT website. Thanks again!!

Can you show where you found the link to a betaserver? It should be changed.

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I found this link in: ,

Step 3 of 4 of setup Instructions: Starting App Inventor

Crikey, that is a lurker - it is for AI Classic from before 2013!


We have kept all of the AI Classic documentation for archival reasons. At the top of each page is a link to the equivalent AI2 page. I've submitted a pull request to update all of the AI Classic pages with some additional graphics to indicate the fact that the documentation is out of date.

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more one time: thanks a lot

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