App Inventor User Interface very slow!

I have been using App Inventor from South Africa for nearly 4 years, but lately it has become nearly impossible to use as it takes up to 60 seconds for the Graphic Interface to refresh when I make changes like adding or removing a block.
Please advise what I can do to improve this?
Thank you.

Browser ?

Network Speed ?

Computer / Device used ?

The rendering of the blocks editor is entirely client side. The two biggest factors contributing to its rendering speed are the number of blocks and the browser. In particular, a lot of the rendering operations are linear in the number of blocks, so the more blocks you have the slower things go. Second, there seems to be a rendering performance issue in newer versions of Chrome. Firefox tends to perform the best on large block workspaces but your experience may vary. To a lesser extent, CPU, GPU, and RAM can all impact App Inventor's performance on large projects.

Chrome, 100MBPS, I5 laptop with 8GB RAM....

Thank you for the explanation, but it has literally gone from seamless operation to 60s per refresh in one day.
Did a tracert with my service provider and everything looks fine.

How large is your Project JP? Do you have lots of Blocks and or layouts etc. What you describe regarding refreshing the screen is consistent with a developer having a complex GUI. Your Project complexity might be your issue.

Can you tell us about your project; show your blocks image or post an aia that someone can test it's performance?

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Here are two experiments to help diagnose your problem:

  • Install a fresh browser like Firefox and test it against your current project
  • Start a small new project and test it against both browsers.

Thank you, using Firefox and still a small delay, but at least workable.