App Inventor Translator Number of Users

Hi community,

I just want to ask is there any limitation on number of users or translations per day or duration which can simultaneously use the translator in MIT App Inventor. For Example: 1K, 10K, 100K, 1M, 10M...

Please Suggest.

Thank you in advance.

See Amazon Translate Pricing - Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Releastically, Translate is not envisioned or designed for commercial projects. with huge numbers of users. It is expensive for MIT to maintain. I don't think MIT has yet set any hard limits but expect that heavy users will probably be banned.

Someone from MIT might be able to provide a more definitive response @jis

Hi Steve, thanks for your response. Look forward to a definitive response from MIT App Inventor team. @jis.

  • Also, please do let me know even if there is a paid package for the entire translation process in the default AI2 API (Speech recognizer, Translator and Text to speech)
  • In addition, is there any other paid or free service that provides above three things (of course, apart from Google) and can be used with AI2.

Unfortunately, I have prepared complete app using the current API and am worried if that may crash as my users increase. Thanks again for help in this matter.