App inventor route map more than two point

i have a problem about drawing route map
i search a lot of resource about drawing route between two markers
but how did i get a complete map more than two markers


What do you mean? Do you hope to get the route through several previously known destinations (Marker1 to Marker2, then Marker2 to Marker 3 etc. or to continuously update the route information or calculate routes for several destinations or something else? Please explain or provide an example.

We want to get markers from csv and draw a route map between these multiple markers
At present, we have successfully drawn many Markers from the csv into the layer. We want to connect markers1 to markers2 and then to markers3... and so on to complete a roadmap

This example is done using the ORS api. I haven't tried using the Navigate control to do something similar.

I tested using Button event handlers and design time Markers. Since you are using run time Markers created from a csv, what you hope to do is more complex. What you do depends on your existing code. Have you tried anything using just a few design time Markers?

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what code did you used for this?

Used the OpenRouteService api, Web component and several Clocks , lots of homemade Procedures and lots of Blocks and four design time Markers,30;-95,31?geometries=geojson.

Something similar can be done using the Navigate component