App inventor review rating function

Hi, I want to add a review and rating function in my app.
Like the rating for apps in Google Play.
Can anyone tell me the steps?

You will probably need star characters.
Here are some from Unicode you can copy into text boxes:


Join copies of them as needed to build your rating.

You will need an online database to hold your ratings.
Most are tag/value, or you could use Google Sheets.

Each rating could have:

  • rating (1-5)
  • user name (ABG)
  • text summary (Great Game!)
  • text details (I loved your game, but what is this square black thing with the hole in the middle?)

If you group the ratings by numerical rating, it could make it easier to summarize them later..

the rating bar extension might be helpful...

also there is the
Rating Bar Dialog Extension by Andres Daniel and Carlos Pedroza

taken from the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


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