App inventor qr code linked with data base from php

Hey ! Im new here, and im looking for some help. For the context, its a project in school, about making an application with MIT app inventor and VSC, we have a local server with phpmyadmin, and (the difficult part) we need link our database with QR code that can be created and readed by our app in appinventor, we are doing php code for it, we just need a method to do a qr code in app inventor with the database., ty for reading !

  1. generate the url to a qr code.
  2. scan the qr code, you will get a url, then use web component to get data from this url.

Now which part do you think you have problems?

yea i can see what to do in theory, but how i can link qr code to data base ?

so it's step 1 or step 2 in my previous post?

it's 1

if you search 'qr create' in this community, you wii find a lot of solutions.

ok ty

the question is why do you need that, because the database url is always the same, isn't it? So what is the purpose of creating a QR code for something, which is always the same? You could have the url to the database as constant value inside your app... see also App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps

You probably might want to elaborate, what the project is about and what you are storing in the database...


hey ! sorry for the responce time, so the project is to create a virtual money with profiles of every student and to be able to see it with an app for teacher and an app for students, the app for teacher will scan student app to give or take some of the credit, we can do by ourselve about the money and everything, but to make a qr code for every student for our database and link it to our app is pretty difficult