App inventor offline


I have installed MIT app inventor offline and it is working fine on my localhost can you please guide me with how can I edit it and change logo, name, etc

your immediate attention towards the above will be highly appreciated & obliged

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Thank you for your immediate reply sir, but it would be very kind of you if you can guide me in some basic details i tried accessing the appengine folder but did not understand is it fine for you if you can screen share your pc with mine and help me out. I would be really thank full to you as this is one of my dream projects. Or even a tutorial video would be fine if you know any.

Once again thank you for you immediate response and help.

Thanks & Regards

i cant find Go to src/com/google/appinventor/client

extremely sorry this (the screenshot above is of the offline version I was not editing source code but can you please guide me with how can I implement it on localhost

thank you for your immediate help and reply & sorry for troubling you

appinventor sources