App Inventor Navigation API key

I was trying to make a route between two points with the component navigation, but I need a API key. What should I do if I don't have a valid API key?

Really. The component does not work without ApiKey:

The Navigation component generates directions between two locations using a service called OpenRouteService. You must provide a valid API key from that service in order for this component to work.

You will probably need to register on this site and download ApiKey from there.

1 free ApiKey for 1 person. To use this api for more users of your app, you will probably have to pay for ApiKey.

This advuce in my experience is probably not true. The terms of service depend on the ORS Plan you sign up for.
Free usage under the Standard terms have usage limits ( Plans | Openrouteservice ) . Once your users or you use your app in excess of these limits, then you incur extra charges once the app's daily limit is exceeded. :slight_smile: If you have heavy usage of your app then you need to upgrade your plan.

Thank you for your help

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